Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce has “noticed a massive change” in returning Danny Worsnop

Sumerian RecordsAsking Alexandria’s new self-titled album, due December 15, marks the return of founding frontman Danny Worsnop, who rejoined the band last fall after leaving in 2015. Speaking with Metal Hammer, guitarist Ben Bruce says recording Asking Alexandria with Worsnop back has been “my favorite experience in a studio ever.”

“I hadn’t been in the studio with Danny since [2013’s] From Death to Destiny five years ago and back then our relationship was incredibly strained,” Bruce explains. “We were in a bad place, it wasn’t a lot of fun, but this felt like when we went in to record [2009’s] Stand Up and Scream, when we were young and we were hungry and we were excited.”

Since Wornsop has returned to Asking Alexandria, Bruce says he’s “noticed a massive change” in his bandmate.

“Danny used to just sing about sex and drugs and rock n’ roll, but this time he’s more honest and raw,” Bruce says. “The first lyrics you hear on the album are ‘I’ve been away a while’ and he does address him going away and not being in the right headspace.”

After Wornsop initially left, Asking Alexandria recorded one album with new vocalist Denis Stoff, 2016’s The Black. While Bruce says he’s “proud” of that album, he admits that it was written during a “very dark time in our career and my life.”

“I’m too happy with my life at the moment to want to play [The Black songs],” he says. “Although Danny has said, ‘If you want to play those songs, I’ll sing them,’ which is really cool of him.”

Next year, Asking Alexandria will support the new album by hitting the road on a co-headlining tour with Black Veil Brides, kicking off in January.

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