Jack White’s next album will sound like “good gardening music” or “back-alley stabbing music”

ABC/Nicole WilderJack White interviews his “favorite actor” Gary Oldman in a new feature for Interview Magazine. During the conversation, White discusses the progress of his new solo album, which he began recording over the summer.

“I’ve been recording in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville. I’ve never recorded in New York or L.A. before,” White explains. “I tried to go to some new places and meet musicians I’ve never met before, and see if I could get to a new place.”

As for what the new music will sound like, White says, “It’s good gardening music or roofing music or, y’know, back-alley stabbing music.”

Also during the interview, the pair talk about politics, vinyl, and Oldman’s new film Darkest Hour, in which he stars as famed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

White’s most recent solo album is 2014’s Lazaretto. He’s been on a touring hiatus since 2015.

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