Watch clip from upcoming Dimebag memorial video collection, “Dimevision Vol 2: Roll with It or Get Rolled Over”

Metal Blade Records A new collection of videos from “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott‘s life will be released as Dimevision Vol 2: Roll with It or Get Rolled Over, a DVD/CD set arriving November 24. You can watch a clip from collection now via YouTube.

The clip shows the Pantera and Damageplan guitarist goofing off with a sleep apnea mask. “He had a unique way of seeing things, and he always lived with a video camera,” says Dimebag’s girlfriend, Rita Haney, who put together Dimevision Vol 2. “No matter where we went he was always capturing what was going on, and myself and others around him were filming a lot, too.”

Dimevision Vol 2, the follow-up to 2006’s Dimevision Vol 1: That’s The Fun I Have, will include five previously unreleased Dimebag demos, along with a host of live footage and home videos.

Abbott was shot and killed onstage during a Damageplan concert in Columbus, Ohio in December 2004.  He was 38.

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