Starset aims for their own “Dark Side of the Rainbow” with “The Prox Transmissions” graphic novel

Credit: Steve GullickYou know how Pink Floyd‘s The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz supposedly sync up perfectly together? Well, Starset has created a version of that with The Prox Transmissions, a new graphic novel that syncs up with the band’s music.

“The soundtrack of this first installment in the graphic novel is Transmissions, our very first record,” frontman Dustin Bates tells ABC Radio. “And it does go along with it in a sort of one-to-one way.”

The Prox Transmissions was co-written Bates, and published by comic book giants Marvel. The book’s plot relates to The Starset Society, which, in Starset’s fictional backstory, is an initiative that created the band.

“The band creates the soundtrack to the narrative The Starset Society has, which it’s using to sort of exemplify its goals, and the graphic novel is the story of that,” Bates explains. “There’s actually a full-length novel, and the graphic novel is just a reinterpretation of it. It tells the inception story of The Starset Society, how it came to exist.”

The Prox Transmissions made an appearance at New York Comic Con earlier this month, and it’s on bookshelves now. Bates hopes that the graphic novel series will continue with the story behind Starset’s new album Vessels, which features the singles “Monster” and “Satellite.”

“There are other installments underway: Vessels, and then a third Starset record that will partner with all of that stuff,” Bates says. 

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