Foo Fighters and Weezer are “friendly bitter rivals,” says Rivers Cuomo

ABC/Fred Watkins; ABC/Randy HolmesFoo Fighters and Weezer will hit the road together early next year for a tour of Australia and New Zealand. Rivers Cuomo is, naturally, very excited for the outing, especially since he considers Dave Grohl and company to be “friendly bitter rivals” of his band.

“I don’t think they think of us as rivals because they’re 10 times bigger than us,” Cuomo tells NME. “But that’s how I feel because we came up at the same time and they put their pedal to the metal, became gigantic, and now we’re opening for them on their stadium tour.”

Before you accuse Cuomo of any bitterness, the musician says, “It’s all good, because [Foo Fighters are] obviously amazing and we love the music.”

As for how the tour came together, Cuomo says Weezer was planning their own Down Under trek when they got a call from the Foos.

“They gave us a call and were like, ‘Do you wanna come with us?'” Cuomo remembers. “We were like ‘Damn, stadiums? Where do I sign? Let’s do this.'”

The Australian and New Zealand Foozer tour launches in January. In the meantime, Foo Fighters are currently touring North America in support of their new album Concrete and Gold, while Weezer will release their new record Pacific Daydream on October 27.

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