Of Mice & Men assures the new album will be heavy: “We’re definitely pushing boundaries”

Credit: Lindsey ByrnesOf Mice & Men is currently working on a new album, their first following frontman Austin Carlile‘s departure from the band late last year. So far, OM&M has released two new songs, “Unbreakable” and “Back to Me,” both of which have an upbeat, inspirational vibe.

Even with those uplifting tones, the band assures that the new album will be as heavy as their older material, but perhaps not in the same way.

“OM&M has always been a heavy band,” drummer Valentino Arteaga tells Alternative Press. “And with this album, we’re definitely pushing boundaries of that and going into new realms where OM&M has never been before, in search of something sonically heavy.”

“We’ll always fight for what’s important, which is the music,” he adds.

Of Mice & Men is currently on tour with In This Moment.

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