Imagine Dragons hopes to “customize” each show on “Evolve” tour

ABC/Randy HolmesImagine Dragons will take their new album Evolve on the road starting tonight, September 26 in Phoenix, Arizona. With singles like “Believer” and “Thunder,” the album gives Dan Reynolds and company another batch of music to play with on the live stage.

“We have more material to pull from now,” Reynolds tells ABC Radio. “And better material,” adds bassist Ben McKee.

Now with three albums under their belt, Reynolds hopes to craft a unique Imagine Dragons experience for each show on the tour.

“That’ll be cool, to be able to every night kind of change it up,” says Reynolds. “We got pretty burnt out on just having one album or two albums to draw from — three really give you quite a bit of material to pull from.”

Above all, the members of Imagine Dragons are simply excited to hit the road again with new music.

“Any time we’re on stage getting to perform our music is the most fun, best part of our lives,” says drummer Daniel Platzman. “There’s a feeling we get when we get to get on stage and play for our crowd that nothing else in life even comes close to, and that’s why we travel the world doing it.”

“So to have a third record and to be able to really customize each show even more than before, it feels great,” he adds. 

Grouplove and K.Flay will open on the tour, which wraps up November 16 in Anaheim, California.

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